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Got Rollers?  Retro Glam Hits the Runways and Red Carpet

In addition to messy buns and low ponytails, retro glam makes an
appearance on red carpets and runways for Fall and Winter. From just a
bit of polish to full-on finger wave sets, a little neatness and shine
will add a fresh sophistication to your look.

What a Mess! Grungy Texture Makes a Comeback

Messy textured hair can be the perfect complement to your dressed up Holiday looks. Juxtaposing textured hair with a beautiful outfit will take the edge off “head to toe perfect” and give you an air of fun and whimsy that’s just right for that holiday party.

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Fall 2012 Hair Trend: Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are a big trend for Fall 2012. Headbands, scarfs, ribbons, barrettes and even simple bobby pins are abundant in every imaginable shape, color and size.

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Bang it again—top hair trend for Fall 2012

As the summer and its humidity draw to an end, consider cutting off some of that sun-damaged hair. With the return of cooler, drier days, fighting cowlicks and humidity-driven frizz will be less challenging and time-consuming.

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Get Dressed! Men’s Grooming Fall 2012

Neatly groomed hair with a healthy shine is the perfect accessory for Fall and this Winter’s tweedy retro looks.

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Pony up! Hair trend for Fall 2012

Clean up your wild summer hair with a polished, dressy ponytail for Fall. This is one of the easiest new looks to achieve.

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