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The expansion of the Davines hair care line continues. The Oi line now has a shampoo, conditioner and a Multi-Benefit Beauty Treatment All-in-One Milk.

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Last year is So done! Start the new year with a new attitude and a big hair change.

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Oil is The New Black

Hair styling oils are the latest trend in hair grooming products, pushing silicone aside as the go-to solution for dry and frizzy hair. Exotic extracts from all manner of nuts and plants including the neem tree, macadamia nuts, rosemary and the newest star in this category, the argarn tree, will easily penetrate the outer cuticle layer of the hair and provide a protective barrier against damaging sun and dry, cold weather.

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Dry Weather Hair Care

As the weather changes from hot and humid to cold and dry, keep your hair and scalp looking healthy and vibrant with a few adjustments to your morning routine. First and foremost, keep your body hydrated with plenty of water.

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Hot Time in the City

Your hair is exposed to a lot of harsh conditions during the summer heat. A little attention and common-sense hair care can go a long way to minimizing damage to your hair.

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West Village Shopping—C. O. Bigelow Pharmacy

C. O. Bigelow Pharmacy in the West Village is recognized as the oldest apothecary in the United States. Old-school toiletries alongside new brand name beauty supplies make for an interesting shopping experience.

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More Snow in Your Forecast? Dry Scalp or Dandruff?

As dry winter weather drags on, you may notice more white flakes on your hair and shoulders. Is it dry scalp or dandruff?

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