After years of big and bouncy curls and bed head texture, the Spring/Summer 2014 fashion shows are pointing the way to a neater trend in hair for the upcoming warm weather. Straight and simple is the the message from the runways. From sporty to couture, the hair should be clean and less voluminous but still sophisticated. Loose and breezy, pulled back into a low ponytail, slicked back with gel or hairspray or held back with a simple barrette or headband are all options. Tame the volume on short, medium or long hair with Davines Relaxing Fluid or Oi Oil and use as big a round brush as possible for the blow dry. Finish your look with a flat iron if necessary.

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Posted Jan 30, 2014



Settle into this cozy Scottish pub in the heart of the West Village and warm yourself with a shot of Scotch or Malt from their huge collection. Friendly bartenders at Highlands will guide you through familiar brands as well as some new and not-so-common choices. They also have a nice selection of American and Scottish beers and ales. After happy hour move to the pheasant wall papered dining room where you can enjoy updated classic fare from the British Isles. This is a great place to relax on a cold winter’s night.

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Posted Jan 30, 2014



The expansion of the Davines hair care line continues. The Oi line now has a shampoo, conditioner and a Multi-Benefit Beauty Treatment All-in-One Milk. They all contain the latest oil to be introduced to the beauty market - roucou oil. The oil is produced from the fruit of the achiote tree which is native to the rain forests of Central and South America where it is widely used for its medicinal and healing qualities. Roucou oil is now being infused into hair and beauty products because of its high antioxidant levels and its soothing and hydrating characteristics. It is a natural solution to dry, flyaway hair caused by winter’s cold, dry air and dry indoor heat. The Oi shampoo is paraben- and sulfate-free making it ideal for dry and color-treated hair. The All-in-One Beauty Treatment can be used as a de-frizzing and smoothing cream for blow drying or as a leave-in conditioner after your blow dry.

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Posted Jan 30, 2014

The Long and Short of it


There’s more to men’s hair this winter than mid-century retro. Long hair with a natural and slightly rugged feel has been slowly but surely creeping back into the limelight. Low maintenance grooming has made this look a real winner. After shampooing, condition your hair to re-moisturize your dry winter locks and scalp. Add a small amount of gel, mousse or grooming cream and tousle your hair into place with your fingers. Run your fingers through it after it dries and add a bit of pomade or grooming cream if necessary. A beard or short stubble is the perfect accessory for this look.

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Posted Dec 22, 2013



Last year is So done! Start the new year with a new attitude and a big hair change. It’s the perfect time of year for a fresh new look. Whether you cut off a few inches or lop off a lot, a change of pace will do you good. Thinking of new color? Just do it! Let the new you shine with lowlights, highlights or a brand new color. Happy New You!

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Posted Dec 22, 2013